The Story

Our client, a dental office located in Mississauga Ontario, approached HeyTony for help with Local SEO, web design, and Google Ads.

Their goal was to increase their search rankings for specific keywords, gain more new patients, and lower their Google Ads spend without sacrificing leads.

The HeyTony team created a bulletproof strategy which helped Willow Dental increase new patient inflow, while reducing the cost per new patient acquisition.

Our Results

Willow Dental now ranks #1 for 45+ keywords, and #3 for their top keyword in one of the most competitive markets in the country.

Willow Dental third search position in Google

With over 1,800 quarterly customer actions, Willow Dental has a consistent flow of new clients discovering their business organically.

Customer Actions

Graph of customer actions for Willow Dental. Most requested directions followed by visiting their website and lastly calling them.

Over the last quarter, Willow Dental has appeared in over 24,000 searches, most of which were people searching general terms like “Dentist Near Me.”

How customers search for Willow Dental

Pie chart of customer searches for Willow Dental. Most search for Willow Dental by category, product or service followed by direct searches for Willow Dental and lastly by brands related to Willow Dental.

As you can see from the 32k+ search impressions below, Willow Dental is a great example of how a properly optimized Google Business Profile can generate a ton of new business organically.

Services customers use to find Willow Dental

Graph of customer search methods for Willow Dental. Most found Willow Dental by search followed by maps.

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