The Story

Our client, one of the biggest online platforms for music recording and production education, approached HeyTony for help with increasing their website traffic through SEO.

The client’s goal was to reach individuals new to recording & audio production and position themselves as experts in their field (which they absolutely are!)

The HeyTony team created an SEO strategy which involved creating new content targeted at high volume, low competition keywords in an extremely competitive niche market. Since then Produce Like A Pro dominates thousands of keywords in their space.

The Strategy

Identify relevant keywords that they did not rank for that were high value, create content, and optimize accordingly.

Graph of keyword activity for Produce like a Pro showing an average of position of 1.2, 5,470 clicks and 18,000 total impressions.

Our efforts produced 18,000 impressions, 5, 470 clicks, and a #1 ranking for the keyword within 1 month.

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