The Story

Our client, one of the biggest radio stations in Toronto, Ontario, approached heyTony for help with increasing website traffic using SEO and content creation.

The client’s goal was to double their monthly users and page views, increase time spent on site, increase pages per session, decrease bounce rate, and increase ad inventory.

The HeyTony team created a content strategy heavily built on SEO and organic social, and quickly expanded the reach of Indie88’s digital presence. Not long after that, their page views not only doubled, but quadrupled.

Our Results

Within 10 months of launch, there has been an increase traffic to the site by over 400%, and users are consistently returning to the site.

Graph of page views increasing on Indie88 site

Typically with an increase in page views, bounce rate goes up. However our website design makes it easy for users to continue to find new content, lowering the bounce rate to an all time low.

Graph of bounce rate decreasing on Indie88 site

With a lower bounce rate comes higher pages per session. You can see the results of our web design kick in almost immediately upon launch.

Graph of pages per session increasing on Indie88 site

Visitors are now staying on the site 3x longer than before we were engaged for this website redesign.

Graph of average session duration increasing from 1 to 2 minutes on Indie88 site

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