The Story

Our Client, Hue & Hatchet, an online shop that was founded by photographers, approached HeyTony for help with launching their brand, developing a marketing strategy, and increasing sales. They needed a sleek website to showcase and sell their amazing digital products (Lightroom presets). In addition to the website design portion of the project, they also hired HeyTony to run their social ads, search engine optimization, and email marketing, resulting in hundreds of thousands of website visitors.

Their goal was to launch aggressively and harness the power of paid media growth tactics.

Our Facebook Ad Experts put together a strategy for Facebook/Instagram ads which quickly increased (and scaled) sales for Hue & Hatchet. In tandem with their paid media strategy,  our SEO experts created and launched a bulletproof SEO strategy. Not long after launch, they were receiving more orders than they had originally anticipated.

Years after their initial launch, they have moved completely to an SEO focused growth strategy.

Our Web Design Results

Hue and Hatchet site homepage on desktop
Hue and Hatchet site homepage on mobile
Hue and Hatchet site preset product page on mobile
Hue and Hatchet site shop on mobile

Our SEO Results

Graph of keyword activity for Hue & Hatchet showing an average of position of 31.6, 29,100 clicks and 1,590,000 total impressions.

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