The Story

Our client, a bin (dumpster) rental company based out of Windsor, Ontario, approached HeyTony for help with taking their brand online.

The client’s goal was to have an online destination to showcase their products, and attract new clients via organic search.

The HeyTony web design and Local SEO teams got to work putting together a simple and effective website and SEO strategy for Al’s Bin Rentals. Not long after launch, our client had to order more bins to keep up with rental demand. Since then, they have grown their business by over 1,000%!

Our Results

Al’s Bin Rentals now ranks #1 for 150+ keywords, and #1 for their top keyword in the region.

Al’s Bin Rentals first search position in Google

Since we started working with Al’s Bin Rentals their business grew by over 1,000%. They are receiving 115+ calls per month and 104 website visits.

Customer Actions

Graph of customer actions for Al’s Bin Rentals. Most visited their website followed by calling them and lastly requesting directions.

87.5% of their customers are searching unbranded keywords such as “Bin Rentals Near Me” and finding Al’s Bin Rentals.

How customers search for Al’s Bin Rentals

Pie chart of customer searches for Al’s Bin Rentals. Most search for Al’s Bin Rentals by category, product or service followed by direct searches for Al’s Bin Rentals and lastly by brands related to Al’s Bin Rentals.

Our Local SEO strategy (optimizing both Google Business Profile and Website SEO) has enabled Al’s Bin Rentals to rank highly on both search results and map results.

Services customers use to find Al’s Bin Rentals

Graph of customer search methods for Al’s Bin Rentals. Most found Al’s Bin Rentals by search followed by maps.

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