The Story

Our client, a chain of beauty bars in the Windsor / Essex County area, approached heyTony for help with their digital marketing. Their goal was to increase the amount of new clients by dominating the search rankings for each of their locations.

The HeyTony Local SEO team go to work on creating optimization strategies for each of their locations. Since launching, each of their locations now ranks #1 for their target keywords. Bookings are now coming in so frequently that they’re hiring new staff at almost every location.

Our Results

2 Waves Beauty Bar now ranks #1 for 40+ keywords, #1 for their top keyword, and continues to dominate the search results.

2 Waves Beauty Bar first search position in Google

With over 1,000 monthly customer actions, 2 Waves Beauty Bar has a consistent flow of new clients discovering their business organically.

Customer Actions

Graph of customer actions for 2 Waves Beauty Bar. Most visited their website followed by calling them and lastly requesting directions.

It’s great when people are finding your business when searching for you specifically, but it’s even better when people are “discovering” your business by searching more general terms like “nail salon near me.”

How customers search for Beauty Bar

Pie chart of customer searches for 2 Waves Beauty Bar. Most search for 2 Waves Beauty Bar by category, product or service followed by direct searches for 2 Waves Beauty Bar and lastly by brands related to 2 Waves Beauty Bar.

Having a well optimized profile allows potential customers to find 2 Waves Beauty Bar on both Maps and Organic Search.

Services customers use to find Beauty Bar

Graph of customer search methods for 2 Waves Beauty Bar. Most found 2 Waves Beauty Bar by search followed by maps.

2 Waves Beauty Bar continues to dominate the Windsor area and increase their market share.

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