You know your content marketing strategy should include blog writing. At the same time, one of the hardest things about starting your website’s blog is finding blog ideas.

No matter what industry you are operating in, having a blog creates many opportunities to expand your audience and grow your business online. An excellent strategy for finding topics to write about on your blog is to look at your frequently asked questions.

You can use them as inspiration to write long, in-depth answers to each question. It is not uncommon to be able to turn 1 question into a full page of content.

This article will show you how to choose the right questions to convert into blog posts.

turn your faq into blog posts

What Makes Your FAQs Perfect For Blog Posts?

Your frequently asked questions are probably similar to other businesses in your industry, which presents an opportunity to capitalize on a high search volume search term.

By offering products or services that customers will do some research on, answering their frequently asked questions can put their minds at ease and help expedite the purchasing process. The FAQ also helps reduce any post-purchase dissonance a buyer may experience immediately after making a purchase.

Dedicated Pages For FAQ Answers

Frequently asked questions are great for blog content because they give more control over what people see in their search results. Instead of just having one FAQ page, make dedicated pages answering each question in depth.

This increased website traffic can push you up the organic search ladder and even build authority with your website by getting backlinks from other websites.

Questions that are asked frequently, implies multiple people asking the same question, which is why there is an opportunity for blog writers to capitalize on answering these questions. These questions often have a medium to high search volume and little to no organic search competition. This lack of competition can lead to several relatively easy rank-1 positions in search results.

You will always have questions about what your business does, what products or services you offer, how they work, what benefits they provide, and if there are other product variations or newer models. Even if no one answers these questions, these questions are still being asked.

Why Is Blog Writing So Important?

When it comes to growing your business online through organic search traffic, blog writing is one of the best methods to increase the number of keywords your website ranks for and, ultimately, the number of people that visit your website every day.

In niche industries, blog writing can suggest that you are an industry leader or expert, adding credibility to your business.

The more you update your blog with new content people are looking for, the more your website’s key metrics will improve.

Consistently publishing content to your blog allows you to grow your audience steadily and gives you more opportunities to convert website traffic to sales. By running ads on your website, increasing website traffic can also correlate with an increase in ad revenue.

How To Turn Your Frequently Asked Questions Into Blog Posts

Now that you understand why blog posts are important and how your frequently asked questions open up potential blogging opportunities, let’s go into how you can turn your FAQs into blog posts.

Gathering Your List Of Questions

checklist of SEO questions
The first step you must take is creating a list of your most frequently asked questions. If you don’t already have a list of questions, check through your emails, contact form submissions, forums, surveys, or anywhere else your customers can ask you questions about your business.

Check your website to see if your frequently asked questions page with several questions listed, start your list by copying these questions.

If your website currently has an FAQ page, but the answers you’ve written are short or vague, see this as an opportunity to expand on them and create internal links from your existing frequently asked questions page to a new blog page.

6 Tips For Choosing The Right FAQs to turn Into Blog Posts

After you’ve created a long list of questions about your business, the next step to making great blog posts is to choose the right questions. You can follow some criteria when choosing your frequently asked questions to turn into blog posts. They are:

  • Is the question already on your FAQ page? If so, can you expand on your answer further?
  • Can you recall more than one person asking you that question?
  • How competitive is the search term if you search that question with Google?
  • Is your answer opinionated or factual?
  • Do you want to rank for a target keyword in the question?
  • Can you write a minimum of 500 words to answer the question?

If the question you want to turn into a blog post is already on your website’s FAQ page, you need to be able to answer it further with more detail. For example, “Do I need a responsive, mobile-friendly website?” While this question can be answered simply with a “yes,” there are plenty of opportunities to expand on why businesses need mobile-friendly websites.

You can discuss how they are made and what differentiates mobile-friendly websites from desktop-only designed websites.

steps to blog content writing

If several people ask you the same question, you can rest assured that converting the question into a long, detailed blog post can yield positive results. The more people that have asked you the same question, the more likely that question will have a high search volume.

Use SEO Tools

If you aren’t sure about a question’s search volume, use any SEO tool that lets you check the search volume of any search term. Tools like SEMRush work great for this type of keyword research.

Questions with higher search volumes tend to be more competitive, so before you write your blog post, it is a good idea to check the top 3 results.

Measure their total words on-page, keyword density, page authority score, and header tags to better understand the type of competition your blog post will have.

If all three results are low-quality, writing a long, keyword-rich blog post can earn you a top-ranking position.

Another thing to consider when turning your FAQs into blog posts, is whether or not your answer is opinionated or factual. No matter the type of answer you give, it is valuable to know that factual information creates extremely good external linking opportunities to high authority websites. In contrast, opinionated answers are great for internal linking to case studies or other pages on your website.

Include Focus Keywords in Your Questions

It is also imperative to make sure your question has a keyword you want to rank for. Answering questions is excellent, but if the question doesn’t have a keyword you care about, you will gain less value using your time to write about a topic that doesn’t affect your business.

The last factor to consider when turning your frequently asked questions into blog posts is whether or not you can write a minimum of 500 words to answer the question. Posts with less than 500 words won’t rank as high. This is usually because they don’t provide users with the information they are looking for.

The more information you can provide, the more time-on-page your website will have, creating a better user experience.

With a better customer experience, you get a higher ranking in organic search.

If you want to learn more about SEO, or ways to improve your website’s blog, check out the rest of our website!

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