5 must-try pizza places in Hamilton

Why is a digital marketing agency writing about the best pizza places in Hamilton? Great question! We love featuring local businesses and in this post we’re doing a bit of a website audit for each of these pizza shops… and we can’t not talk about the delicious pizza in this city! You’ll find our website notes directly after each spotlight!

Without further ado…

The Best Pizza in Hamilton (HeyTony Favourites)

Shorty’s Pizza

Shorty's Pizza Hamilton Pepperoni

Image from @shortyspizza

We learned this the hard way.. order your pizza as soon as they open.. even if it’s for 7PM. They sell out quick and can only make so many pies a day!

Our favourite is the standard Pepperoni pizza. I’m honestly not quite sure why it’s so good, they must be putting something in the sauce! All jokes aside, it’s some of the best pizza Hamilton has to offer.

They are located on Cannon between Gage and Ottawa.

Mini Website Audit:

Overview: The website serves its purpose and allows customers to browse the menu. Since they’re always sold out, should they even care about their website performance?

  • Page speed is 30/100 on mobile – this can be improved by using next-gen image formats and replacing their dynamic Instagram feed with static images. When a website pulls images from Instagram, it slows down the performance of the site.
  • They are using multiple heading 1 tags on the home page, and the majority of their H1 tags are images, which is bad for SEO.
  • The site is responsive and mobile friendly! – Great!

Moodys Pizza Bar & Arcade

Moody's Pizza Hamilton - Big Peppi Pizza

Image from @moodyshamont

Do yourself a favour and order the “Big Peppi.” It has double dry-cured pepperoni, basil, honey, chilli flakes, mozzarella, and tomato sauce. The mix of sweet (honey) and spice (chilli flakes) is a satisfying blend that will keep you reaching for another piece.. even when the pie is done! We have even added these two ingredients to our homemade pizzas.

They are located in Hess Village, which if you haven’t been, has amazing patio vibes in the summer!

Mini Website Audit: 

Overview: The user experience is great. Everything is easy to find using the navigation menu. They could use a nice helping of SEO to go with their “Big Peppi.”

  • Page speed is 15/100 on mobile, which can be improved by switching from Squarespace to WordPress, and using next-gen image formats.
  • Every page is light with content, and the use of heading tags (aside from H1 tags) is nonexistent.
  • They have duplicate title tags across the site.
  • The website is responsive! – Great work!


Maipai Pizza Hamilton

Image from @maipaitiki

If you’re like me, and you want to try more than once pizza at a time, plan multiple visits. These pan fried pizzas are HEAVY. We went with a group of 8 adults and ordered 3 different pizzas.. and had a ton of leftovers. You can’t go wrong with any of their pizzas. They’re all so good.

Located in Barton Village, between Birch and Sherman.

Mini Website Audit: 

Overview: Easy to navigate and to browse the menu, which is the most important thing… Maipai didn’t even come up in our Google search for pizza in Hamilton – we heard about it from a friend! They could use some help!

  • Page speed is 27/100 on mobile.. and they’re using WordPress! – I would re-upload all of the images as next-gen image formats and use wp-rocket to improve most of their technical issues.
  • The incorrect use of Heading Tags is hindering their local SEO performance. Almost every page has multiple heading 1 tags.
  • The website is responsive! Yay!

Born & Raised

Born and Raise Pizza Hamilton

Image from @bornraisedyhm

If you’re into thin crust and delicious pizza, this place is for you. They have a rotating seasonal menu, so your favourites might not always be available, but don’t worry, you’ll quickly find a new favourite! (In the summer they have a 3 cheese pizza that is absolutely amazing – look out for that one!)

Located on James St. North just North of Robert St.

Mini Website Audit: 

Overview: A bold choice, but they decided not to go with a navigation menu. You can find everything you need on the homepage! – Love that!

  • A page speed score that they can be proud of! 87/100!
  • The “reserve” and “order” buttons from the “No Place Like Home” section and below reload the home page on mobile. – Easy fix!
  • Does no one in this town like to use heading tags properly? We’re 4/4 with the use of multiple heading 1 tags. This is an easy fix!
  • The site is mobile friendly and responsive! Great work!
  • The site looks like it was custom coded, which may pose problems for updating it themselves in the future.

Fortinos (yes, the grocery store)

Fortinos Pizza Hamilton

Image from @panefrescobyfortinos

Okay, so hear me out. Fortinos pizza from their hot counter is sneaky good. If you’re a Hamiltonian, you know what I’m talking about. Their crust is a bit thicker, but it’s worth those extra calories!

If you’re into making pizzas as home, grab their whole wheat dough (it’s the best one), shredded mozzarella, and turkey pepperoni (all in the same place) and make sure you cut that pepperoni into smaller slices.  Heat your oven to 425, and pop those bad boys in for 15 minutes. When you take them out, immediately drizzle the pizza with honey and chilli flakes (thanks to Moody’s for this idea). You can also replace the chilli flakes with Dawson’s Hot Sauce. Enjoy!

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