How Website Conversion Optimization works at HeyTony

This is one of our favourite aspects of digital marketing; website conversion optimization.

A lot of business owners tend to “set it and forget it” when it comes to their website. However, even if something is working today, it may not work tomorrow!

This is why conversion optimization is such an important piece of your marketing mix.

We ensure that your website is firing on all cylinders when it comes to converting visitors into customers. Take a look at our 5 step process below to learn more!

Identifying Your Goal

During our initial strategy session, we work with our clients to help clearly identify their website’s goal. Everyone wants more traffic and to increase sales, but how exactly are we going to be doing that?

Depending on their current marketing efforts, they may have a good amount of website traffic, but they’re not seeing many conversions. This could be due to not having a clearly defined goal or customer journey.

Once we’ve established a clear goal we can move onto step 2: Website Audit.

Our Website Conversion Optimization Results


Learn more about Website Conversion Optimization below!

Website conversion optimization is the process of optimizing your website to better convert visitors into customers. This process involves optimizing things like your CTAs, mobile experience, website speed, page formatting, email capture, abandoned cart emails, pixel tracking, A/B testing copy & creative, and more.

At the end of the day we want to make sure website visitors have no barriers to purchase or sign up, and are incentivized to convert.


We love A/B testing offers for our clients. Whether that be for lead magnets, pricing, value adds, or positioning. Our goal is to make sure our clients are efficiently converting their leads.

At this point it may be an issue with your product or service. You can’t sell something people don’t want; it doesn’t matter how cheap it is.

To figure out of your product/service is actually something people want, you need to test a few variables. If someone won’t buy a $100 product for $5, it could be a problem with your targeting, descriptions, benefit highlights, or you’re trying to make a sale before the prospective client is ready.

This is why it is important to know your customer journey. If a typical customer takes 6 – 8 weeks to make a purchase, you need to be present in their lives for that time, with relevant messaging as they move through the funnel.

The most important factor here is time. You need to give your optimizations enough time to collect data before you change everything.

There are a few conversion items we can check from your public facing site:

  • Is your Google Analytics script firing?
  • Do you have your FB/TikTok/Pinterest pixel properly installed?
  • Is your FB/TikTok/Pinterest pixel firing events on these pages: “Add to Cart”, “Checkout”, “Order completed”, “Registration”, “Form completion”, etc.
  • Are you using abandoned cart emails?

Once we get access to your back end systems, we can check the following:

  • Is Google Analytics capturing the correct data?
  • Are your UTM campaigns tracking properly?
  • Are your Facebook events prioritized?
  • Is FB/TikTok/Pinterest collecting the data you’re sending to them?


Every business should have an email list. You don’t necessarily need to sent out newsletters, but you should at minimum have abandoned cart emails.

Email marketing is the only way you can reach your highly qualified subscribers or customers for free.


You’re likely already testing website conversion optimization with your pricing, featured products, or which services you offer.

By optimizing your online shop for conversion from the beginning, you can save a lot of time and money guessing what potential customers will actually want.

What our clients are saying

  • Matt at HeyTony has been my main point of contact for the last year and a half and working with him has always been such a pleasure! He’s been working with our creative agency on product landing pages for large national campaigns and he’s incredibly efficient, responsive and attentive to the agency’s every request. I’d recommend HeyTony to anyone looking to grow their business online - you’ll be in good hands!

    Anna Kondratyuk

Advertising Agency Hamilton, Ontario