How Facebook Ads work at HeyTony

Throughout the numerous changes with the platform over the last few years, including the dreaded iOS14 updates, our team has come out on-top with proven strategies that really work in this ever changing market. We adapt and we do it quickly (like digital marketing chameleons). We know our sh!t. When you work with heyTony, you get to work with real Facebook experts who have years of global agency experience in a wide variety of different verticals. This industry changes quick, but don’t worry! We are here to help every step of the way. Here is how it works.

Account and Pixel Audit

Research is key and we don’t cut any corners when becoming a part of your team. The first step is to make sure we know what we have to work with by doing a full Account and Pixel audit.

This allows our team to really deep-dive into everything and learn what has worked best for you, and what hasn’t worked at all (because let’s not do that again – or – let’s do it differently this time!). We spend a bit of time here to make sure we’re ready to walk before we run and we don’t hit any snags as we start to move.

During this stage, we also look at things like competitor research and pixel tracking, so our team will ensure you have everything set up as it should be prior to launch. Say ‘goodbye’ to dreaded conversion tracking issues and ‘hello’ to smooth reporting; we don’t mess around and we LOVE DATA.

Our Facebook Ads Results


Learn more about Facebook Ads below!

Over 75% of the Canadian population is using Facebook in some capacity. If you want to reach the masses, Facebook advertising is your best option.

Facebook also has the most robust targeting platform when it comes to social media advertising.  With Facebook’s incredible targeting capabilities, you can get your offer in front of the right people.


The caveat here is that the Facebook ads need to be set up properly, use great creative, target the right people, and be monitored and optimized often. We’ve helped clients who were FB ad DIYers turn their campaigns around and become profitable.

This is an impossible question. There’s no right answer. Depending on the cost of your product/service, your targeting, and if you’re going after 1,000 or 1,000,000 users, the cost varies drastically. Most importantly it depends on your budget. We recommend spending no less $1,000 per month to start. Once we get some data to review, we’ll build out a more in depth strategy to optimize your cost per conversion.

The short answer is no.

Every business has different product/service price points, audience targeting, pixel data, web design, etc. Our goal is to get you the cheapest cost per conversion possible.

Depending on your industry, showcasing the product is likely going to be your winner. However, we highly recommend testing new creative every week or two. This allows us to determine, with data, which pieces of content are actually performing best.


This is one of the things Facebook is the best at. Using the Facebook Pixel (Meta Pixel) we can track how many conversions are coming directly from Facebook Ads. Not only that, we but we can let you know your campaign ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), conversion rates, cost per conversion, and which products/services are performing best on the platform.


Video ads are king on Facebook. Even if you don’t have high quality videos, we can combine photos, graphics, and motion to create videos for your Facebook ads.

Having said that, we highly recommend using a mix of both video and static images. This allows the Facebook algorithm to display the ads that will perform best for any individual user. Sometimes our static ads perform better than video!

Bonus: How to create shareable content on Facebook

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What our clients are saying

  • Matt at HeyTony has been my main point of contact for the last year and a half and working with him has always been such a pleasure! He’s been working with our creative agency on product landing pages for large national campaigns and he’s incredibly efficient, responsive and attentive to the agency’s every request. I’d recommend HeyTony to anyone looking to grow their business online - you’ll be in good hands!

    Anna Kondratyuk

Advertising Agency Hamilton, Ontario