Over two billion people jump onto Instagram at least once a month to use its service. As one of those people, you likely want to increase your visibility on the platform to achieve the status of a leading influencer. So, how do you get more organic reach on Instagram so that you can continue to grow moving forward?

Below, we list some of the best advice that we can give on what to do if you want to improve your standing on Instagram. Make sure to check off each one when you start to add it to your Insta creativity process so that you can have the best opportunity possible to grow.

So What Is “Organic” Reach?

what is organic reach
On social media, there are many different ways that you can ensure that people see what you create. While some of these include paying for views through advertisements or promoted posts, organic reach is when you don’t have to use ads. This is when your content appears to others without you promoting it through artificial means.

Organic reach appears to many people to be much more “real” or “sincere”. This helps potential fans or followers to create a closeness, or even a parasocial relationship, with your page.

You can build whole fanbases around organic reach in a way that would look more “corporate” if you promoted yourself in a paid manner.

Create Insta Stories

Create Instagram stories
The first piece of Instagram marketing advice we would give is to not only post photos to your timeline. On top of that, you should remember that other methods of promoting yourself to others exist. These include creating Instagram Stories.

Using these, you can share smaller moments of your day in a more ephemeral way. These will appear in a slideshow format creating a “story” of your life. They will not appear in your main timeline in its gallery, so you do not need to worry about how they appear next to other photos.

You can also use this to create a sense of who you are outside of your main photos. This can add more to a sense of emotion and personhood that you have, helping people empathize with your lifestyle.

Don’t Forget Videos

Getting more Instagram views means more than just throwing up a new photo now and then. On top of this, you should be thinking about the different content you could make for the platform and presenting it well.

While many people post photos, many of them neglect the fact that videos can create a whole different type of engagement. Some potential viewers are only impressed when they see how you act when filmed in real-time. As such, you should consider creating videos to supplement the rest of your posts.

Options for such videos could include documenting your daily routine, or presenting a how-to of things that you create.

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Engage With Influencers

engage with influencers
You are not the only one with good Instagram ideas on the platform. As you continue to grow, you will likely come across many others who have good ideas of how to use social media to present themselves.

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When you find one you think you might gel with, throw out a few feelers. See if they are open to collaboration or sharing their expertise. You might start a fantastic professional relationship through networking.

Over time, you will find that you have become a part of a larger online community of influencers. At that point, you will have the opportunity for even greater reach. Ensure that you act friendly and professional at all times to keep your reputation spotless when growing.

Find the Best Times to Post

You get the highest level of engagement in your posts in the short time after posting them. For that reason, you should try to upload them when you feel that the highest number of fans will see them in the shortest space of time.

To learn how to do this, you will first need a business or creator account. View the Instagram help page to learn how to create one of them before you move forward.

You should then be able to go to your profile and click on “Insights”, then click on the metrics for your account underneath the Overview section. Using this, it should be easy for you to find the days and times in which most people are viewing your content.

If you cannot get online at the specific times that it lists, you have other options. For example, you can always use a marketing team or a social media schedule app to guarantee that the posts go out when you need them to instead.

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Leverage User-Generated Content

Once your fans start to create their own things based on what you share, see if you can use it to promote your community. Send them a message and get their consent, then either copy their post or share it in a way that makes sense. Learn more about using user generated content for SEO.

Once you start sharing what others are making, you might find that it emboldens more fans to do the same. This could snowball and allow you to pick and choose only from among the best, most appealing content that they create to boost you further.

You might even have an opportunity to network with some of these users. Their skills might help you to go even further, by creating further content on a professional level.

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Post Often and Consistently

If you go quiet, you are not engaging. If you are not engaging, people will disengage from you too. You need to keep creating things that go on your feed or else you will find that your fans will start to turn elsewhere.

On top of that, you need to worry about the algorithm. If you step back from posting, it might think that you are not a person making a splash and will demote your posts in people’s feeds. By continuing to make consistent posts, you remain relevant for much longer.

We would recommend that you post at least twice a day. If you are not available that much, you can also choose to use a marketing team or a social media scheduling app to help you do this.

Respond to Your Audience

One way to boost Instagram views is to give people a reason to return to your old content. As you continue to use Instagram, you might notice that people come back to your page to use it as a social space. You can always promote that by engaging with it.

If you respond to the positive comments of your audience, this will show them that you care for the fans that you have. You might even create a new peak of interest when people engage with your posts by people returning to interact with you.

Set a SMART goal

smart goals for instagram
When you aim for better Instagram reach, you should have realistic goals in mind. These will allow you to set a plan moving forward and it means that you can pivot your actions if you need to.

When working out your Instagram intentions, ensure that they are hinged on “SMART” goals. These give you a focus and method of tracking them that you can rely on, preventing you from using unclear guesswork to make decisions.

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Tag, Tag, Tag

hashtags for instagram
When you post, you have an opportunity to include a large amount of text data with it. In this regard, you should ensure that you use tags as much as you can. These could be user tags or hashtags.

User tags. These are the usernames of others that you might be working with in the video or photo. This is good Instagram etiquette and means that you are treating others around you with respect, assuring you receive the same in the future.

Hashtags. Such tags allow people to filter or search for content, whereas the algorithm uses them to target specific content at people. Use hashtags that relate to what you have made and will likely bring others interested in your content to you.

Watch Your Peers’ Content

Learn how to get more Instagram views by watching other people on Instagram. If there is a video that someone else has made that has blown up, check it out and try to work out why. It may be for reasons that you did not expect, and you might be able to emulate that success in the future.

Achieve Organic Reach on Instagram

With the above tips, it should be much easier for you to achieve a level of organic reach on Instagram without much difficulty. Whether you can do that, though, might depend on how much time you can put into it while handling a busy life. A marketer taking that role off your hands can be the best thing to do.

Our marketing experts can help you create a fantastic Instagram presence that will grow you into a powerhouse of engagement. Give us a call and talk to our Instagram Ads Experts today!

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