500 million monthly users are nothing to ignore, but that is what TikTok has. They are a perfect place to think about promoting your business or product or getting more clout for your brand. So, what are some of the steps that you should be taking to ensure that you leverage that by getting the most views on TikTok?

Below, we list some of the most critical steps you should take, not only when posting, but also when thinking about your brand in a larger context. Use this to check off whether you have taken all the steps that you could take to get your videos the views that they deserve.
getting more views on tiktok

Choose the Right Time to Post

When trying to get views on TikTok, many people post as soon as they have finished making a video. While this will reach some viewers, the algorithm will only offer it to people for so long. On top of that, unless people follow you, there is always a peak time to post your content to increase discoverability.

Using TikTok, you should have account analytics on a business or creator account. Use these to work out when your target audience is the most active. Then, when posting, try to aim for your busiest time and see more people checking out your videos in the short term.

TikTok allows you to schedule these videos up to ten days in advance, and this may be enough for you. Although, if you want more time, you might need to seek out external applications that can do this instead.

Contact Influencers

contact influencers
There might be others who exist in your social circle or work with the same brands that you do. They might be on TikTok or any other online space that makes them a recognizable face. By working with these influencers, you can cross-promote one another and get more people looking at your videos.

A guest star might also bring you some eyeballs or voices that you would not have otherwise expected. These can allow you to see how others perceive you, helping you aim for new audiences and grow yourself more.

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Cross-Promote on Your Social Media

cross promote on social media
You can always post your new TikToks in more places than only TikTok. Twitter, for example, limits the length of a video, but you can still post a short one there to bring more people to your brand channels. As all your TikToks feature your username on a small watermark, people can then search for this to find your main account.

This can either help more people find you who do not already follow you on TikTok, or it might bring back people who have not seen your work for a while. Of course, it also reminds those who are your fans of when you post new work if you share it on other platforms.

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Create a Playlist of Videos

This feature is not available to everyone, but what many creators have access to is the ability to create playlists. This allows people to see selections of your videos in a specific order so that they can see either your best work or all your work on a particular theme. As users go through these as they have an interest in that specific playlist’s topic, you will receive more views on each one.

If you do not have a playlist, another option is to pin your best TikToks to the top of your account video list. These will not have the same impact as a playlist, but you can use these pins to promote your highest-viewed videos. Or, you can use this space to promote the videos that you think show off your brand the best.

Discover and Target Your Audience

tiktok target audience infographic
This may be harder if you do not have a creator or business account, but you need to find which group you are the most popular with. This can help you increase TikTok views by focusing on specific demographics.

Use the analytics that you receive through your account to find out the age, gender, and many other facts about those who follow you. Then, you can ensure that you cater to your biggest viewers so that they are more likely to return.

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Don’t Over-Egg the Pudding

TikTok videos can start to push into ten minutes these days. That can become a bit much for people who are not looking for instructional videos.

If you want to get views, you want to punch into a very fast intro, the meat of the video, and a very fast outro. A lot of the time you might even want to skip the intro and outro, leaving them for people who are more invested in other videos.

Duets Might Push You Over the Top

Some of the videos that have the highest TikTok views are not created by only a single person. Many of them are duets.

These could be someone singing in harmony with another person, or even a simple reaction video. Some of the most popular videos on TikTok have even been reactions to reactions to reactions.

Ensure Your Videos Are High Quality

None of these TikTok ideas will mean much if you use terrible lighting, poor-quality audio, and sloppy camera work. You need to invest at least the time to find a place where you can record well without visual or audio distractions.

Making sure your videos hit a baseline of quality means that people will not be put off by your presentation. You will seem professional, and people will trust you to consistently create content they enjoy.

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Make Use of Trending Audio

trending tiktok audio
Certain sounds on TikTok are eternal and have cemented certain memes in the minds of people around the world. Others are more ephemeral and do not last too long.

Remember to make use of the most-trending sounds in TikTok under the “Recommended” list. These are the ones that are gaining the most traction on their app. They might not last forever in people’s minds, but you might be able to ride that wave while it lasts.

Post Many Times Per Day

Getting more views often means releasing more videos. Without spamming the service, which reduces you in the eyes of the algorithm, try to post at least twice per day. This keeps you in people’s minds, especially those who engage in a lot of scrolling of popular videos.

It is well-known that around 9 out of 10 TikTok users open the app more than once on any given day. This means that you have several opportunities to catch someone’s eye with a new video. Make sure that one exists.

Produce How-To Videos

One of the most popular video types has been short “How-to” videos. These might offer new ways to create craft items, they might be a food recipe, or they might be any number of other creative projects.

If you are someone who makes things for clients, then running through your process can bring in fans of the finished product.

Start a Business or Creator Account

TikTok marketing is hard enough when you do not have a good set of data for making a lot of decisions based on. Without making a TikTok creator account, though, you will never see that.

By signing up as a creator or a business, you can see more about who visits and checks out each video. You can also get an idea about your most-common visitors. You can then either pivot your work based on what you learn or lean into a specific niche more to draw the audience that you have in further.

The Whole Video Needs to Deliver

One of the problems with a longer video is that it is so easy to scroll away to the next video. Thus, to get a good set of views and people interested in your work, you need to ensure that the whole thing delivers on the promise that you make at its start.

You cannot allow people to believe at any point that you are not entertaining. Thus, if you think that the video should end early, do it. Do not keep it running longer than it should.

Think of a Good Caption

One of the least secret TikTok hacks is that you need a good caption. It needs to draw people in or even explain the context behind your content if people have questions. You should not rely on it to do the heavy lifting, but it can often push people over the fence into a real interest in what you are communicating.

You can even use Hashtags in the caption to Control the Algorithm and aim the content more at people who might be more inclined to watch you.

Get More Views on TikTok

After going through all the above steps, there is every chance that the number of views on TikTok that you get will start to increase. There is no doubt, though, that this is a lot to do when you have other work going on. This is where a dedicated marketer comes in.

We are ready to help you discover what can happen to increase your clout. All you need to do is talk to us and we can talk about what we can offer you. So, contact us today to talk to one of our TikTok Ads Experts!

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