Having a bunch of Google reviews on your Google Business profile can really help your business’s local SEO efforts. When it comes to local SEO, reviews are an important factor when Google ranks businesses to appear in the local 3 pack.

There are many benefits to having lots of reviews but many businesses often ask themselves, “how can we get more reviews on Google?”

In this article, we will show you how to create a direct link to your Google reviews so your customers can quickly write reviews about your business. We will also go over the benefits of having more Google reviews, how Google reviews impact local SEO, and places you can publish the direct link to your Google reviews.

How to create a direct link to your google reviews

create a direct link to google reviews
Creating a direct link to your Google reviews is a very useful tool for getting more reviews on your Google Business profile. By following these steps you can create a direct link to your google reviews.

  1. Visit The Google Business Manager Dashboard
  2. See Your Profile
  3. Click On “See Reviews”
  4. Click The “Get More Reviews” button
  5. Copy the review link in the popup

get more reviews on google button
Whenever anyone clicks on this link they will be directed to a form to leave a review on your Google Business profile.

What Are The Benefits Of Having More Google Reviews?

benefits of more google reviews
Having a lot of Google reviews on your Google Business profile can be really great for SEO.

When you have lots of reviews, it can help your business show up higher in search results and the local 3 pack. This is because Google uses reviews as a ranking factor, which means that businesses with more reviews are often seen as more relevant and authoritative.

Reviews can also help your business stand out. When people search for businesses in your industry, users are more likely to notice the business with reviews than the one without any. If your business has a lot of reviews and a high rating, it can help you catch their eye and encourage them to click through to your website or Google Business page.

Additionally, reviews can help you rank for long-tail keywords, and local keywords, which are typically longer and more specific phrases that people might search for.

Where Should You Place The Direct Link To Your Google Reviews?

The short answer is anywhere you can.

However, there are a few key places you should publish a direct link to your Google reviews. Your website is one of the most important places you should place a link to your Google review form. You can place the link on a button in your header, footer, on your contact page, feedback page, or anywhere you think people would want to leave feedback for you.

If you also run email marketing campaigns, you can include the direct link to your Google reviews at the bottom of your email newsletter or in your email signature.

Alternatively, you can include this link in all your social media profiles and even create posts reminding people to leave you a review.

The more places your customers see the opportunity to leave a review, the more likely they will be to take action and write a review about your business. Each place you publish your Google review link is a new potential touchpoint for your customers.

If you want to learn more about how to create links to your Google reviews or ways to improve your local SEO check out the rest of our blog.

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