What is Gen Z?

Pew Research defines “generation z” as a person born after the year 1996. Gen Z (aka. “Zoomers”) is often stereotyped as social-justice warriors that are tech-addicted, and antisocial. Generation Z is a recent generation, some members of this generation will not remember the days before mobile phones and social networking.

Some might know the generation’s names as Post-Millennials, Zooms, Zoomers, or the iGeneration. What matters most is that our future will be shaped by this generation. The most surprising generation z stats are about generation z’s growing size. Gen Z’s age range from 1996 to 2010.

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What are the demographics of Generation Z?

The group currently constitutes about 20% of the American population. Generation Z accounts for 3% of all people worldwide. According to NPD statistics, the age group represents 45% of all American consumers and is growing fast. In a survey conducted by Frey in 2019, 50.9% of all Gen Zers are white and 13.7% are black. The study also shows 29% of the Generation Z population were children born as immigrants. Generation Z represents roughly 1/3 of the US population.

What is typical Gen Z behavior?

Gen Z consumer characteristics typically reflect a pragmatic view of money. They also have strong individualistic tendencies in regard to the need for technology. Generation Z has a lot of interest in food and cares less about good looks and nice things. For Generation Z to join your customers, you need to focus more on design. Of course, the price matters to the current generation but you really want a perfect balance of design and market costs.

Also focus on E-Commerce. In 2040, 65% of all purchases are expected to take place online.

How Gen Z uses social media?

93% of all Generation Z age groups use social media. However, social networking was found to be an adverse influence, as 41% said social media was creating feelings of sadness, anxiety or depression, or even inciting an “insecure” feeling. Several Gen Z reports state that they feel their social networks have left them feeling excluded. Gen Z members spend 2 hours a day online and 45 minutes per day on social media, on average. The shocker is that 46% of gen zers are engaging with their phones for 10 hours or more.

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What percent of social media users are Gen Z?

According to recent Gen Z market figures, 93% have used social media. It is used for general communication and keeping themselves updated on current events. As far as Generation Z and social media goes, 52% of Gen Zs follow three or more brands on social media while 73% follow at least one.

Social media impact is unconvincing to most of Gen Z shoppers. If you’re interested in promoting a product or service you can use social media as a means of advertising it. Gen Z prefers word of mouth and online ratings. While GenZers prefer face-to-face conversations, they do use Twitter for their communication, even with brands.

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Eye-opening Gen Z statistics

If you count the number of Gen Z people in the U.S. and the funds they have to offer, you are right to see social media as a way to access them.

Generation Z statistics show word-of-mouth is one of the driving forces behind gen z purchasing. A similar stat applies to online ratings. Keep in mind you should try and give your customers a positive service experience. Hopefully, it will get positive reviews and recommendations from the internet. These two ways can bring new customers in. Gen Z has the most positive opinions about companies when the feedback is from their peers.

72% of gen z want to open their own business.

Gen Z Voting Statistics

Some 78% of the Gen Zers are dissatisfied with the way President Donald Trump governs America. During the pandemic, Gen Z statistics are projected even higher. Younger Americans have a much lower tolerance for Trump (32% of respondents). The Silent Generation has a high approval rate (57%), the Boom Generation follows closely at 48% and Generation Xers at 42%.

Gen z population generally wants to see authenticity, diversity, and independence.

Connected from the cradle. 98% of Generation Z members own a mobile device for social media usage

Smartphones have obvious importance for Generation Z consumers. This makes sense since they are the first generation that has never seen landline phones. For Gen Z, the adoption of new technologies can help define their advantage or disadvantage in life. Job opportunities exist within social media and Generation Z has a fear of missing out without their mobile devices. Smartphones also provide location services; 58% of Generation Z said they are willing to pay more than $5 for a 1 hour delivery item.

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48% of Gen Zers are stressed out and unhappy

The shifting economic environment is causing a growing number of problems. Unemployment rates are high and the standard of living dwindles each year as the wealth gap widens. Gen Z unemployment is clearly evident in statistics on depression. This was an enormous concern for other generations, all generations, that had not even been resolved before the pandemic erupted.

What Gen Z are like in their free time – 77% spend their offline hours doing at least one creative activity – playing an instrument, drawing or writing

 gen z activities and hobbies

Generation Z does not like cable television. They are rather using Netflix or other streaming platforms, gen z consumers use TVs less than previous generations. They’re a creative, tech-savvy generation who enjoy travelling more than Baby Boomers or the average Gen X.

70% of GenZers watch an average of two hours of YouTube videos daily. The virtual spaces of the internet are now a good spot to meet up and have a few good conversations, socializing over video chat or virtual reality is more common than ever.

If you have something to say, say it fast, because the average attention span of the average gen z consumer is 8 seconds.

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The stats you need to know about marketing to Generation Z – 76.58% of GenZers are willing to share personal data with a brand in exchange for a personalized experience

Gen Zers desire quality at a very affordable rate, accompanied by excellent service. It is a more economic-minded group than previous generations. In order to get GenZers to buy, you must concentrate on personalization. Genz is the most diverse generation and being unique is important.

The loyalty program is the path to Gen Zer’s heart. 63.36% of Generation Z shoppers participate in at least one loyalty program

Loyalty programs are an important tool in your business. GenZers’ desire for rewards seems to be very important. If no existing loyalty program exists it might be worth considering creating one. In the minds of Gen Zers: Studies showed that 45% of Gen Z choose eco-friendly and socially responsible brands. Gen Zs don’t have much patience for advertisements though, even if 85% of Gen Zers learn about new products through social media. Pricing and online reviews are most important in making a buying decision.

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