Social media is necessary to make content more interesting and shareable. It promotes social interaction. Many platforms exist, including Meta’s Instagram and Facebook. Since 2004, Facebook has steadily gained popularity and is increasingly used by billions globally. Facebook is becoming part of our daily social requirements for us.

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Social networking is viewed as both a blessing as well as a curse. It helps individuals maintain personal relations with friends or family. Cyberbullying is an important topic when using social networking sites. Since 2005 online communications have become a common element on the internet, and Canada is no exception.

You can use it in any situation to keep up-to-date about the lives of friends, family, work colleagues, and fellow students.

Canadian FB user growth

Canadian Facebook user growth

Businesses must know every detail about social networking before starting their marketing campaign. Users are vital to the success of a company’s business model. The Facebook user growth data from Canada helps us determine how Facebook users increase yearly. The forecast growth is very good, enabling us to see how Facebook could grow. Numbers are 2018 – 2022. They are projected numbers for 2023 or 2024. In 2018, 18.8 Million Americans used Facebook and in 2019 it is expected to reach 2.8 million. By 2024 users will have surpassed 3.2 billion.

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What is the best time to post on Facebook?

There is much investigation in this area to know when it is best time for Facebook to be posted. Although most sources give a different response, the overall conclusion is similar: everything depends on where your brand stands and who your audience is. According to Hubspot, the most effective times for posting to Facebook are 9 AM. In some countries the time has been shortened to 8am. Ideally, this would be at the moment when most people check their Facebook accounts when driving. Facebook is rated as better on Wednesday as on Sunday compared to Twitter.

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Facebook was the second most downloaded app in 2020

Although it started out as a free app in 2004, Facebook is still widely regarded as a world-wide leader in downloading applications. To date only Tik Tok is behind Facebook in total download numbers. Appfigures estimates that TikTok has accumulated over 800m downloads in 2021 globally across the flagship, premium, and region. It represents 43% higher than last year’s figure of 570 million. Three more Facebook-owned apps appeared in the top three: WhatsApp in a three-place spot, Instagram in a four-place spot.

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What are Facebook’s engagement and conversion rates?

Brands post roughly 7.5 daily on Facebook. Its largest audience is Facebook with 5.3 million views per week. Sport organizations and nonprofit organizations are another high-publisher-producing sector with 17.5 – 9.2 posts a week, respectively. Foods and beverages tend to be below average, with an average of 2.5 a month. This brings Facebook’s median weekly posting average to 5.5 posts for the entire business world. In most industries, Facebook had a 0.91% high rate of engagement and a median of 0.08%. Influencers (0.08%) and sports organizations (0.18%) had the best engagement rates compared to tech and software (0.3%) media (0.1%) and media (0.1%).

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Canadian Facebook users Gender vs Age Group split

Approximately 21.2% of Facebook users are between 25 and 35. Facebook is also popular amongst those aged 35-44, having 21.88% of active visitors. Despite growing numbers of people using Facebook, reports have shown that it has a less popular profile among young people from ages 18-24. This chart shows how different segments are grouped so as to understand the user’s interests as they arise. Note: *Minimum age to register for an account should be 15+. . Advertising on Facebook and Instagram are not targeted to children younger than 18.

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Canadian Facebook users Gender vs Age Group split

Facebook Messenger is the biggest messenger app across the world. Facebook Messenger is owned by 69.41% or 22.76 million people. Another popular app on this list is Facebook-owned WhatsApp, whose usage is 38.50%. Third is IMessage – an instant messaging program for Apple with a penetration rate of 39.21%. Third is Snapchat. This app has a very large user base, with a user base of 3.22% a week. Discord, a platform for messaging and digital communications, reaches 15.10 % and follows a TELEPHONE 82.20% penetration.

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Canadian Facebook users. Gender & Age Group

How should marketers understand age and gender on Facebook? Marketers need to know there’s no universal clientele. It is imperative to get in front of potential audience members. They will also be protected from waste. Analysis of data on genders helps understand users’ varied needs, psychology and behavior. Various age groups can assist in analysing interest, income patterns, buying patterns, or value patterns. These data could help an online marketing team develop effective strategies.

The report indicates the increase in women using Facebook in Canada compared with males. 57 per cent of the users of Facebook are women. Facebook users amounted to 16.92 million women and 13.82 million males.

Canadian Facebook users. Gender & Age Group

Most used social media platforms in Canada 2022

The vast amount of social networking sites that exist can make it difficult to keep track of each other. Can Canada undergo a lot of interesting changes and become the most effective online platform for your online presence? The article gives you an overview of the most popular social media channels across Canada over the last few years. The social network is expected to reach 28.37 million users by 2023, the highest percentage ever recorded by a US-based survey.

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Facebook users by geo location

The data will enable businesses to understand where the audience is and where the advertising will focus. Canadians are two countries and occupy 10 provinces and three territorial territories. The ten provinces include Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. These territories include the Yukon and Northwestern Canada.

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Total Facebook users vs Canadian users

The current global population consists of about 8.2 billion. About 2.5 billion users use Facebook. Facebook has more than 21.2 million registered members globally and 1.12% of the total.

Facebook users in Canada

Approximately 2.9 million people in Canada use Facebook daily compared to 2.8 million for the U.K. Currently 80% of Canada’s population has Facebook.

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