If you’re here, you know already what a CTR calculator is.. so here’s the calculator!

How to calculate the CTR?

Okay, so you didn’t like the CTR calculator and you want to know how to calculate your click thru rate yourself, no problem!

The CTR Formula

There are 2 pieces of information you need to calculate your CTR, and they are Impressions and Clicks.

CTR = (number of clicks / impressions) * 100

Here’s an example of the formula in use: HeyTony got 1,200 impressions on an ad campaign and 18 clicks.

CTR = (18 clicks / 1,200 impressions) * 100

The CTR in this instance would be 1.5%.

Why do we multiply by 100? – By multiplying the results by 100, you can get the CTR percent. If you’re good at reading numbers, you could tell in the example above that 0.0015 is 1.5%. If you’re not, multiply by 100 to get that number. :)

Click Through Rate Formula

Here’s how to calculate the CTR for your digital advertising campaigns:

  • Organic Social Media CTR Formula
    • CTR = Link Clicks / Organic Impressions
  • Social Advertising CTR Formula
    • CTR = Link Clicks / Ad Impressions
  • Display Advertising (Banner Ads) CTR Formula
    • CTR = Link Clicks / Ad Impressions
  • Email Marketing CTR Formula
    • CTR = Link Clicks / Open Rate
  • Google Search Console CTR Formula
    • CTR = Organic Link Clicks / Search Impressions
  • Video Views CTR Formula
    • CTR = Link Clicks / Video Views

Click to open rate calculator (Email Marketing)

If you’re looking for the actual calculator, scroll back up! But if you’re looking for the formula, keep reading!

Click To Open Rate Formula

CTR = (Link Clicks / Open Rate) * 100

Basically, you divide the amount of link clicks by your email open rate for that campaign.. and multiply by 100 to get the %.

What Does CTR Mean?

CTR is short for Click Through Rate, which is a key performance indicator. In laymen’s terms, it’s a way to track how successful a piece of content is. For example, if a lot of people see your ad, but no one clicks on it, then it’s a bad ad and should be updated.

In summary, CTR is used to measure online ads performance.

click through rate calculator

What is a good click through rate?

A good click thru rate varies depending on the business & industry. For some industries a 1% CTR is amazing, but for others it’s a sign of a bad campaign.

The best way to find a good click through rate for your business is to experiment with different messaging & formatting. If you want a higher CTR for your email marketing, for example, you can try bringing the call to action (button) closer to the top of the email, instead of the bottom.

Summary: CTR Calculator

Using our CTR calculator above is the quickest and easiest way to find out the Click Through Rate of your campaigns. If you’re not happy with your click thru rates, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help you improve campaign performance!

Use our handy CTR Calculator to work out the Click-Through Rate of your email, link or campaign, as well as work out what you need to hit a specific target.

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