10 SEO Blogs To Follow

The top 10 SEO blogs in 2022 can teach us a lot about new tactics to increase organic search rankings, ways to drive more traffic to your website, and easy-to-use analytics tools that make optimizing websites much more straightforward.

The search landscape is constantly changing, and it has become harder and more competitive to climb organic search rankings to appear on the first page of Google’s search results. This has led to the growing importance of keeping up to date with the latest news from Google regarding the search algorithm. While most of the updates Google makes to its search algorithm go unnoticed, there are occasional major updates like Fred, Hummingbird, Panda, and RankBrain, that change how SEO specialists and digital marketers have to approach optimizing certain web pages.

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When researching up-to-date, relevant SEO articles, educating yourself through various sources and differing perspectives is important.

This list of the top 10 SEO blogs to follow has some of the most regularly read, high-traffic sources of credible information in the SEO space.

1. Google Search Central Blog

Google Search Central Blog

The Google Search Central Blog is Google’s own source of information regarding core search algorithm updates, announcements, and best SEO practices. The blog is constantly updated with tutorials, news, and announcements to all of Google’s search-related services.

Google’s blog conveniently organizes each post so you can easily filter through posts about core updates, ranking changes, algorithm updates, core web vitals, structured data updates, additions to the Google Search console, mobile-first indexing updates, and more. In addition, it allows users to subscribe to their RSS feed to get the latest news from Google as it is published.

There isn’t a more authoritative source of information about Google’s search engine than Google itself.

Whether you are new to the SEO industry, or a seasoned veteran working in search since Google’s Boston and Casandra updates, the Google Search Central Blog is a must-follow source of information regarding updates to search.

The next major update to the Google search algorithm might be days away or months away. Follow their blog to stay on top of the latest updates.

2. Moz

moz blog

Moz started as SEOmoz back in 2004 and has since grown to be 1 of the leading companies in documenting and implementing best practices in search engine optimization. Moz has created several tools that SEO professionals use every day through countless search studies.

The Moz blog started as a public blog and community where the first SEO specialists would share their ideas and publish their research about how search engines like Google work. They are still publishing new search research in 2022, along with how-tos, general advice, and expert insight into the world of organic search marketing.

Over the 18 years Moz has been running, they have written and published over 1000 blog articles about SEO. They have created numerous guides for beginners looking to enter the SEO industry and learn new ways to drive traffic to their websites. In addition, Moz also answers over 500,000 frequently asked questions regarding search on their blog, and there is always something you can learn by following their blog. You can also follow their webinars and video guides to master the best SEO practices in 2022.

3. SEMRush

sem rush blog

The SEMrush blog is a fantastic place to read about new ways to write and create content that search engines will pick up and love to show. Their blog gives digital marketers and SEOs valuable insight and data they can use when making data-driven decisions on which pages of a website to optimize and the keywords to optimize for.

You can quickly learn hundreds of keyword research techniques, backlink-building tricks, and effective ways to approach copywriting all in 1 place. Their blog tailors to both learning and seasoned SEO professionals with deep insight into SEO basics and the intricacies of website architecture and technical SEO.

Marketers looking for ways to improve their content writing skills can learn from the hundreds of content writing tutorials on the SEMrush blog. The content writing tips and tricks that SEMRush teaches go far beyond ways to keep a reader engaged. They give you an insight into how people search and ways for you to take advantage of common search phrases like “how to” and “what is” when writing and optimizing your articles.

4. Neil Patel

neil patel blog

Suppose you’ve been looking for a blog with plenty of information about search, page building, content writing, and all things digital marketing-related. In that case, Neil Patel’s blog is definitely one to follow. Neil has made a mix of written guides and youtube videos all about how to increase keyword rankings and drive traffic and clicks.

Neil Patel has garnered over one million subscribers on YouTube, teaching marketers different tricks on how to rank on Google, how to grow a YouTube channel, the dos and don’ts of internet marketing, and effective ways to structure a landing page.

For those looking for an SEO blogger with an eccentric presentation style, you should definitely check out Neil Patel’s website and YouTube channel.

5. AHrefs

ahrefs blog

Many SEOs know AHrefs for their web analytics tool, which gives users very in-depth information about a website’s backlinks, referring domains, organic keyword rankings, anchor text, and domain rating.

Many SEO experts use their domain rating system as a metric when deciding which pages and keywords they should optimize. Ahrefs have developed a fantastic tool that is used and loved by many. Their blog is another useful source of information for anyone looking to learn more about the field of SEO, digital marketing, and paid online advertising.

AHrefs’ blog also teaches you about content marketing, video marketing, local SEO, technical SEO, and in-depth guides about on-page SEO. You can easily sort through hundreds of SEO case studies, SEO tutorials, and opinion pieces that are sure to excite you about upcoming SEO changes and actionable tactics.

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6. Search Engine Journal

search engine journal blog

If you’ve ever wondered where to learn more about specific questions regarding search like “does Google use different algorithms for different niches, ” you might find the answer you are looking for on Search Engine Journal.

Their blog is the perfect place for experienced SEO professionals looking for answers to the less asked questions in the SEO field. By following their SEO blog, you can keep up to date with interesting news and case studies about how your website’s SEO can be affected by specific, seemingly unimportant things.

An example of an article headline you can find on their SEO blog is “Out of Stock Products Impact Search Visibility.” To anyone studying SEO for a long time, a headline like that will have you thinking; does stock affect visibility?

Asking these types of questions and finding answers can help you grow your knowledge about SEO and give you niche insight into the depths of SEO and the less talked about ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm.

7. Yoast

yoast seo blog

It’d be hard to do SEO and not talk about Yoast. Almost everyone that’s ever built or optimized a WordPress website is familiar with Yoast. Yoast SEO’s WordPress plugin is the number one most downloaded WordPress plugin in the world.

Their easy-to-use plugin has gained Yoast a reputation as the go-to SEO plugin for WordPress websites. Yoast’s blog is filled with helpful information about how you can start doing your SEO, guides on how to use their plugin, tutorials on optimizing Shopify websites, and case studies with data taken from millions of websites.

Yoast’s motto is “SEO for everyone”, and their blog is a great place to visit if you’re looking for complete SEO guides or information about in-depth technical SEO.

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8. Backlinko

Backlinko blog

The Backlinko blog was founded by Brian Dean, a long-time SEO expert that earned his fortune through financial websites. Since creating the Backlinko blog, he has shared his knowledge on high-level SEO tactics and actionable backlink-building techniques.

The advice and insight you can learn by following the Backlinko blog are some of the most actionable advice you can take and use on the same day. Read up on dozens of case studies where Brian has built over 5000 backlinks in less than a month.

There are countless proven strategies that you can use to increase website traffic through organic search channels available for you to learn for free over on Backlinko. Definitely an SEO blog to follow if you want to increase your SEO knowledge.

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9. Hubspot

hubspot blog

You might know Hubspot for its world-famous content management system (CMS). Over the years, they have built one of the most robust CMS systems available, which allows you to centralize all your online corporate responsibilities into one place. Want to post on your company’s Facebook page? What about updating a landing page or sending a promotional email? You can do those things all from the Hubspot dashboard.

While Hubspot has several premium courses that teach you how to use their software, they also have a marketing-focused blog that covers everything you might want to know in the field of marketing and advertising.

The Hubspot blog has articles about social media marketing, SEO tactics, sales training, content marketing, and even templates to help you prepare for a presentation. If you want to grow your overall knowledge about marketing and sales, Hubspot’s blog is a great place to start.

10. Search Engine Watch

search engine watch blog

Search Engine Watch is one of the most content-rich blogs you can follow. Every few minutes, you can find new posts about SEO, PPC, search engine updates, analytics tools, and more. The Search Engine Watch blog is one of the most updated SEO blogs.

Their blog has a major focus on SEO and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and how you can utilize both of them to maximize your ROI.

The great feature of the Search Engine Watch blog is the topic appears in a bolded green color before the article headline while you’re scrolling through their expansive list of articles. This makes filtering through their thousands of marketing and SEO articles a breeze. There are plenty of guides and opinion pieces that you can read on their blog that share a different outlook on common SEO questions.

In addition to their articles about SEO and paid advertising, their blog also stays up to date with industry trends and news.

There are plenty of SEO blogs out there for you to read and learn from. No matter where your skill level is in the field of SEO and digital marketing, there is always something to learn from any of these blogs. If doing your own SEO scares you, let’s get in touch and create an SEO strategy that suits your business.

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