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Slide ABOUT Who We Are HeyTony is a boutique growth agency based in the heart of Toronto. We’re obsessed with online marketing and helping businesses grow.

We could go on and on about how we can help your business increase sales by creating killer social ads, optimizing your landing pages for higher conversion rates, all while growing your email list and customer base, but we won’t get into all of that… yet!

Our clients tend to stick around for a long time. By striving to improve ROI, keeping up with the latest trends, using data to make decisions, and constantly putting our own work under a microscope, we’re able to consistently keep clients happy and impressed with our results.

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Slide OUR WORK Mini Case Studies Below are a few mini case studies showcasing some of our recent works.

Please keep in mind that we're not legally allowed to share some information, so some of the very juicy stuff (like sales data!) isn't included below.
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nothern-grains GOODRIDGE & WILLIAMS Photoshoot PRODUCE LIKE A PRO SEO | Social Ads | Email Marketing |
Organic Social | Branded Advertising
THE PLAID ZEBRA Website | Traffic generation | Ad Optimization SCAREHOUSE WINDSOR Social Ads MARK SINGERMAN Social ads | Website | Email Marketing AL'S BIN RENTALS Local SEO

Goodridge & Williams Goodridge & Williams Photoshoot for Ontario Release Our Task:
Create social content around the city of Toronto for the upcoming Ontario release of Goodridge & Williams Northern Grains Whisky.

Our Results
Take a look at a few of the photos from the shoot below!

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The Plaid Zebra The Plaid Zebra Reviving a publication and optimizing revenue. The Plaid Zebra Our Task:
Increase page views and revenue without any budget for new content or ads.

Our Results
In just 1 month we were able to increase page views using social media to 1.8 million (an increase of 90%) and increase their revenue via ad optimization to the highest it’s been since 2016.
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Mark Singerman Mark Singerman Extending the brand beyond Instagram and building a customer base. Our Task:
Develop and launch a website, online shop, and lead generation campaign.

Our Results
Using a lead magnet and organic & paid social, we were able to gain 30,000+ email subscribers within the first month.
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Produce Like A Pro Produce Like A Pro Create and execute an SEO campaign. Our Task:
Launch an SEO campaign to increase traffic for select keywords and topics.

Our Results
Produce Like A Pro now ranks very highly for a large number of their desired keywords. Since the start of the campaign, we've been able to increase organic traffic by 1,200%.
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Scarehouse Windsor Scarehouse Windsor Increase attendance by using Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Our Task:
With organic traffic at an all time low and media costs at an all time high, we were asked to create mass awareness with a limited budget for that year’s upcoming Scared Evil Haut.

Our Results
We were able to reach 98,000 users and generate 75,000 video views by creating captivating video ads on Facebook & Instagram.

Scarehouse Windsor had their most successful year to date.
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Al's Bin Rentals Al's Bin Rentals Website Design & Local SEO Our Task:
Develop and launch a website and Local SEO strategy for Al's Bin Rentals.

Our Results
Starting with no online presence, we were able to get them to the first position for most of their desired keywords.

Their business grew 700% in a matter of a few years, largely due to their organic SEO ranking.
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Want to work together? Contact us here!
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